Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seen but not heard

Little girls must be seen but not heard
And i dont know why
But it brought tears to my eyes
Everytime that she said this to me
Because it always made me question
"Who am I?
And why arent i important enough to be heard?"
Arent my cries just as devine
Or am i to be cast aside
Only to be paraded as a doll
Beautiful, with nothing worth saying
Pretty, yet of a lesser mind
And maybe i shouldnt be crying but
I cant shake the feeling that
I'm being gagged and binded
But if only you can hear my thoughts
Then maybe you would love me more
But little girls must be seen but not heard
So maybe i shouldnt be a little girl anymore
Maybe i should become a woman
Spread my wings and fly
With words that are colourful enough
To create a sky of endless possiblilites
Words that are no longer words
But visions that give hope to a brighter tomorrow
But for now
I cant program my mind
To be someone that i'm not
And if speaking my mind means that
I'd be punished, belittled and shunned
Then i guess this is goodbye
Because no woman made history
By being quiet
And you maybe thinking that i'm crazy
For wanting more than mediocrity
But only shooting stars can break the mold
And before i leave this earth
I want to leave my mark on this world

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