Friday, August 21, 2009


Are unlike anything
That I have ever experienced
Like the sun
I feel your sweet words
So carefully chosen and manipulated
Strung together by the threads of time
Like I imagine your thin lips to be
Like the taste of your skin upon my lips
Yet complex in the messages that they convey
Each day
I arise to the thought of you
Filled with hope, lust and bewilderment
How can love be
So pure
So true
So present
In two people
Separated by oceans
Bonded by curiosity and imagination
Only as true as one imagines it to be
Emotions entwined with words
Words that do not fall upon ears
But rather seep through two souls
Yearning yet patient
Silent yet bold
All sense of self seems to unfold
As I gravitate towards you
In a desperate attempt to make you mine
A gift that I long for you to give to me
The emotional can only take one so far
Drowing in dreams and fantasies
Hoping you'd save me
Or atleast come with me


  1. i read this and the thought that fills my mind is:

    we should cover her with water.
    we should let her drown in us
    we should send her the thought we felt and let
    the curiousity pulse her soul and cover her body in that which she requires....

    we really should
    cover her with water.
    she needs to drown

  2. is that REALLY what you got??? lol my goodness...

  3. I know from whence come these words and the are crafted so well. It is clear that it is not water of which you first I thought tracy might have it...let her drown in us....send her the thought we felt and let the curiosity pulse her soul and cover her in that she requires.....but alas in the end she simply falls in the is our dreams and our fantasies in which we bath our tired minds and find the goodness of the world about us. I have read and reread here and I remain fascinated! Mike