Friday, August 28, 2009

I Write Because it Keeps Me Sane

In a world

Where everything we say is criticised

And where everything we do is scorned

It is a miracle

That such a thing as love

Can exist

Too many days are marked

By blood, hate and anger

Too few people know of happiness

Mothers who are unable to cope

Fathers who are unwilling to care

Too many children hunger

For love, acceptance and a family

Where do I belong?

My voice is but a whisper in the night

Who am I to you?

Why must I fight for my voice to be heard?

Why must we fight to be noticed?

Why must we compete for love?

And so I write...

Because it keeps me sane

And I write...

Because it keeps me happy

And I write...

Because when I need someone to listen

And there's noone there...

I listen to myself...

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